Grabbity 2.1

Rotate the world and save your species


  • Great gameplay
  • Interesting gameplay mechanics


  • Not enough variety in free levels
  • Can get frustrating

Very good

Grabbity is a puzzle game where you use the accelerometer to rotate the world to collect coins and reach the exit as quickly as possible.

Gameplay in Grabbity uses the accelerometer in each level to spin the orientation of where Grabbity stands. Multiple environmental hazards block your way and you have to jump, grab, and slide through each level, being careful not to fall from great heights or suffer an explosive death.

The game also uses the touchscreen to jump and grab the location you are standing while you rotate the world. This allows you to line up carefully the direction you may fall or shorten the distance between platforms. You cannot think linearly with Grabbity because the world is always moving.

Grabbity features 20 free levels with in-app purchase for extra levels to continue the story of the game. These first levels preview the basic controls and later levels show the implementation of new hazards and puzzle elements those later levels will feature.

It takes a few levels, but Grabbity starts to shine with the different mechanics. It can get frustrating in some levels because of how precise the placement of Grabbity has to be or it leads to death. The first set of levels is enjoyable, but there is a lack of variety until the last few levels.

Grabbity is an excellent game with new gameplay mechanics, but needs more variety in the levels.



Grabbity 2.1

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